Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shop Opening Candy....

Hello Everyone.

Well, the moment everyone has been waiting for.... I am sure some people actually thought this wasn't happening anymore....

Well, I decided that if I have to wait to sort out everything I will still not be opening this shop by
So I have put some things on hold for now, and concentrated on getting this blog and a little shop up and running....So I will have somewhere in place for purchases to be made by 30 January 2013 even if it is not a full scale

As everyone know I am a Full time mum, wife and keen crafter.
So I have recently acquired a laser cutter to start my own business which I can do from home, but I never knew what all this was going to involve exactly until my machine arrived...all I can say it was the biggest learning curve of my life up to now....

So I design myself and then also produce myself, and therefore the time it has taken to get where I am today was well and truly underestimated by myself before starting up. So Thank You for everyone in blog land that hanged in there, also my dedicated followers on my Personal blog who hasn't decided to leave yet, as there was not much happening on there....but that is all soon to change.

Anyway enough of all that, the reason you all came over to take part in my Grand Opening Candy draw...

So all you need to do is become a follower, either on this blog, or Like my Facebook page.
Please also grab my badge below and add it somewhere to your blog and please, please spread the word of my candy by either placing it on your sidebar or by posting about it. It will be greatly appreciated.
Then please enter via Mr Linky, and I will be drawing the Candy on 30 January 2013.
The Candy draw is open to everyone, doesn't matter which country you live.

Also if you wish please leave me a comment if you feel like is always very much appreciated.

And then check back regularly and see if there is any thing you

So here it is.... PLEASE Grab my Badge and help spread the word....

I am also sponsoring some of your favourite challenges in blog land so keep your eyes peeled...
If you looking for a sponsor to sponsor a challenge, please pop me an email....

Well let the fun begin.....

Hugs Kobie


  1. good luck with your new shop Kobie.


  2. Best Wishes on your new adventure of having a shop! thanks for offering us the blog candy. I've put your logo on my "bottom" bar!

  3. Good luck with your new ventue Kobie!

  4. Good luck dearest creative with your new shop,I look forward to see your lovely creations^_^
    Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous candy^_^

  5. What amazing news is!!! Good luck with your new shop!!

  6. Wow great news..... your own shop ! What a dream !
    My fingers are crossed....
    Thanks for the great chance !
    Big hus, Anreda

  7. Best wishes on your new shop!!!! I know you must be very excited!!! Hugs...Jacque

  8. Wow, I just love those lasercuts! I need them ;) so I am really keeping my fingers and toes crossed!! Hopefully lady Luck is on my side :D

  9. Good luck with your new shop.
    Hugs harma

  10. Hobie! thanks for the great chance!
    with best wishes and hugs...Galina

  11. Wow!! Love your work! it's amazing...
    Thanks for the chance of winning something of your work...
    And good luck with your new shop!!!

    Hugs from Belgium


  12. Hi from your newest follower Kobie :) I love your work it's fabulous and good luck with your new shop, I've added you to my sidebar too hun.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  13. good luck kobie, those laser cuts shapes in the picture look fab.


  15. good luck for the shop ;-)
    Hugz from German ;-)

  16. Congraturazioni....splendido
    Ciao da Ale

  17. Found a link to this blog on Jacque's blog... Creating a shop is an extraordinary adventure, I do hope everything goes for the best for you! Can't wait for the shop to open, I'll be following your adventures!

  18. Good Luck :) Looking forward to the opening.


  19. I also found a link from Jacque's Blog! I don't have a blog so can't enter on the Linky! :( But am now a new follower here & on FB! I look forward to the opening of your store!! Congrats!!!

  20. Hi,
    I'm the exact same as the previous post.... I came from Jacque's blog and I also don't have my own blog, but have become a follower on Facebook as well as your blog.
    Your Lasercutz look fabulous and I wish you well with your new business.

    1. Not a problem Trish I will add you to the Linky...
      Hugs Kobie

  21. Hiya Hun best of luck with the shop opening will check back here on the 30th to see what you have got.
    I saw your link on Jacques blog have become a follower and have added your candy and badge to my blog :)
    Thanks for the chance to win

    Hugs Mandy xxx

  22. I hope your new shop will be a success!


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